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Embrace yo big ass forehead.
LOVE yo big ass forehead.

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Anonymous asked:

Do guys not like being called sexy or hot the same way girls would rather be called beautiful, etc?

I’m mean it’s kool and all. like I don’t dislike it but it feels more meaningful when they pick out a specific physical trait or character trait and compliment on that. It just feels more thoughtful.

Anonymous asked:

Beards just tickle, in a good way lol. Just adds to the sensation lol

And there’s a another…

I guess beards down there are really a popular thing.

Anonymous asked:

That's taller than me lol! So you're tall! It's all based on your point of view lol.

I wish I was like 6’2” though. That would be nice. Lol

Anonymous asked:

tickles our inner thighs and it's amazing

Another one saying that….

(I feel like I’m doing a study lol)

Anonymous asked:

How tall are you?

Not tall at all. 5’11”

Anonymous asked:

If moisturized properly it can tickle and add more sensation 👀 plus beards are just hot

And one saying that…..


Anonymous asked:

No they don't! 😔

We got one saying this……

Anonymous asked:

Define "short girls".

Hmmm like 5’3” and under…

Anonymous asked:

Can I sit on your beard 👀

Do beards really feel good down there? I just wanna know.



How did I manage to play 6 hours of basketball only eating two bananas and drinking a smoothie?

You can eat this..lmao

Nah what kind of smoothie though?

You can eat this what?!! lol

I had a piña colada with mangos and protein from my job (Jamba Juice)

How did I manage to play 6 hours of basketball only eating two bananas and drinking a smoothie?

Anonymous asked:

Do you like tall girls like 5'10 lol

Height really don’t matter unless you got some serious inches on me lol jk. But I’m not going to lie I do have a thing for short girls though.

Anonymous asked:

can i be your bae

Maybe not….all anons can’t be bae.

Anonymous asked:

I just wanna touch the beard

Go ahead. I dare you….see what happens.